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Emerging artist competition Terms and Conditions

By entering this competition, you hereby agree to the following terms and represent and warrant to Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai (also referred as “us”) that all registration information you submit is truthful, accurate and:

  1. Eligibility - The competition is open for all artists in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, or any other country within the MENA region. Employees of Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai are not eligible to enter. Entrants should have not participated in an art exhibition or art fair before.
  2. Copyrights – All of the artworks that you will be submitting are original, created by yourself or created by an artist who authorized you to submit the artwork on his/her behalf. Artworks submitted by you do not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyright or other intellectual property rights of any person or entity. You may not post, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights. Without limiting our rights, it is our policy to terminate all relations with any artist who infringes copyright upon our receipt of a notice of infringement from the copyright owner or the copyright owner’s legal counsel.
  3. Accepted Media - Painting, drawing, digital artworks, digital printing, and mixed media are eligible. Video art, film, sculpture, performance art, jewelry, and crafts are not eligible. Maximum size of real artwork must not exceed A0 size (841 x 1189 mm). Digital submission file must be an A3 PDF format, with a maximum size of 5Mb.

Competition entry must be submitted via the provided form. No entries will be accepted via email, post, social media or any alternative channel.

  1. Artwork Subject Matter - The artwork which will be uploaded by you will not include material that is pornographic, sexually explicit, violent and/or racist. The theme of the competition is ‘Across Borders’. Eligible artworks must fit within the requested theme.
  2. Competition Timeline – Competition timeline will take place as per below:

2nd February to  2nd March 2020 – Artwork Submission

Before 6th March 2020 – Shortlisted Artworks will be contacted and declared 

Before 15th March 2020 – 20 Shortlisted Artworks must be delivered to Rove Hotels

16th March – 23rd March 2020 – 20 Shortlisted artworks will be exhibited in one of Rove Hotels. Voting would be available online only.

26th March 2020 – Top 10 artworks will be revealed at the event in Rove Hotels.

8th to 11th April 2020 – Most voted 10 artworks will be displayed at Rove Corner in World Art Dubai 2020. Winners will be declared.

  1. Juror – If for any reason an announced juror is unable to judge the entries, the entries will be judged by the remaining jurors and/or alternate jurors.
  2. Jurying – During the first round, judging will be ‘blind’. Individual scores from judges will be averaged to produce a single score for each entry. No names or other indicators will be shown in judging to lead to the entrant and no names or other indicators are allowed on the Entry that could indicate who is the author of the Entry.

In second round, the top 10 artworks in number of votes from Rove Hotels guests will be shortlisted to participate in World Art Dubai, between 8 and 11 April 2020.

  1. Selected Artists – If your work is selected it will the artist’s exclusive responsibility to deliver and return the actual artwork to Rove Hotels and to make sure it is ready to be displayed. The artist agrees that he/she will follow all of Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai’s procedures for exhibition and that Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai has the exclusive right to revoke his/her participation if those instructions are not followed. 
  2. Awards – All shortlisted artworks will obtain complimentary access to World Art Dubai. Additionally, shortlisted artworks will have a chance to compete for 2 prizes:
  • Grand Winner – The grand winner, selected by the judges, will be awarded with complimentary space to exhibit his/her artworks at World Art Dubai 2021.
  • Public Choice Award - Exhibition Space at one of Rove Hotels’ properties for a period of 3 months and an overnight stay at one of Rove Hotels properties, inclusive of breakfast.
  1. Usage of Images – We will have the right to publish images of your artwork selected by the jurors on our websites and other advertising channels to promote future competitions and your artwork.
  2. Retention of Images - By uploading your artwork, you authorize us to retain the images of such uploaded artwork in our system until the conclusion of the competition. You further authorize us to retain such images following the conclusion of the competition. We are retaining these images in order for you to be able to easily submit them to other competitions in the future. At any time, after the conclusion of the competition, you may send us an email at requesting that we delete such images. We will confirm the receipt of the email and your images will be deleted within 10 business days after your receipt of our confirmation.
  3. Changes in Schedule - Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai reserves the right to change competition deadlines and dates due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control.
  4. Fee – This competition is completely free of cost for participants.
  5. Transportation - The Artist is responsible for the delivery, pack, transport, provide for the return of their artwork.
  6. Liability Waiver – The Artist, hereby assumes all risks and hazards incidental to any participation in the display of their artwork at Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai

The Artist understands that the artwork is submitted to Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai and exhibited at the Artist’s own risk and that neither Rove Hotels, World Art Dubai nor any of their officers, agents, and employees shall be responsible for theft, vandalism, fire, or any other damages or losses to the artwork. The Artist understands and agrees that Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai make no representations or warranties regarding the level of security in their facilities or premises. The Artists understands and agrees that both Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai as well as their officers, agents, and employees will not be responsible for reimbursement or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged items and that the both parties do not insure items such as the submitted artwork. The Artist understands and agrees that Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai encourage the owner of the artwork or the owner’s agent to obtain an insurance policy for the artwork or to obtain a rider on any existing policy for the duration of the exhibit.

  1. Indemnity - You agree to indemnify and hold Rove Hotels and World Art Dubai, their owners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, representatives and employees harmless from any loss, liability, claim, or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, relating to any claim made by any third party due to or arising out of your violation of any of the foregoing terms and conditions and/or any breach of your covenants, representations, and warranties set forth above.