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Chief Tastemaker - Executive Chef

Job Number
Full Time
Rove Port Saeed
Job posting
28 Jul 2016

Key Accountabilities


  • Maintains a clean and tidy office space work area
  • Ensures staff have the necessary tools to complete their daily administrative tasks
  • Attends meetings and briefings as directed by F&B Management
  • Proactively updates direct superior on status of assignments an tasks
  • Plans and approves schedules for kitchen team members ensuring coverage across all meal periods
  • Maintains precise and orderly updated recipes file

 Commercial / Financial

  • Maintains on a day to day basis the standards and policies of the Hotel
  • Controls and analyses permanently the quality levels of production and presentation, food cost, cleanliness, sanitation and hygiene of all work areas
  • Controls operating, payroll and food cost

 Menu Planning / Production

  • Controls all sections of the mis-en-place for quality and quantity
  • Co-ordinates together with F&B – Food promotions and programmes according to seasonality (inclusive of recipes, costing’s, test cooking)
  • Checks and tastes the food quality of food produced on a daily basis
  • Handles complaints directly and ensures smooth flow between service and kitchen
  • Ensures all preparation of food is according to hotel recipes and presentation standards
  • Fully conversant with local food hygiene and HACCP standards as per Dubai Municipality

 Kitchen Organization

  • Ensures all working stations are well organized, equipped and properly maintained
  • Ensures cleanliness is maintained at all times
  • Is vigilant with checks on cleanliness and hygiene, at all times is ready at any time for Health Inspector visit 

Purchasing / Control / Stores

  • Is responsible for ensuring that all food orders reach purchasing according to the hotel standard and with all necessary information
  • Ensures orders are according to the established guidelines by completing necessary forms
  • Signs for all purchase orders in respect to quantities ordered
  • Checks and controls food deliveries for quality and correct storing
  • Checks and keeps records of all fridges and stores regarding temperature, condition equipment, expiry dates
  • Co-ordinates monthly inventory taking for kitchens and stores together with Cost Controller
  • Provides cost controller with the necessary information for recipe calculations
  • Advises purchasing in respect of quality and quantity (together with F&B)
  • Has the right to refuse delivery if commodities do not match with hotel specifications and quality standards
  • Ensures all relevant credits from accounting are recorded and that no merchandise is served from the kitchen without proper voucher

 General / Miscellaneous

  • Ensures all staff are familiar with the Hotels emergency procedures
  • Delivers regular technical skills training to staff
  • Responsible for maintaining ongoing training programs in dept. in cooperation with the training manager
  • Ensures proper instruction and training to operate all machinery in his work area
  • Maintains a monthly overview of vacation and public holiday balance of all his staff

Is familiar with all related company documentation related to his area of responsibility


Qualification, Experience and Skills

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Hospitality Management qualifications –
  • Industry Degree or Diploma from University, Hotel School, Hospitality Training Providers/Culinary School
  • Trade Certificates from Hotel Schools, Hospitality Training Providers/Culinary Schools
  • HACCP Certification
  • Additional Industry Accreditation from Professional Training Courses attended/participated

Typical Experience: 

  • Minimum of 10 years industry experience including 3 years as a department head
  • Minimum of 5 years of management level experience in F&B industry
  • Minimum of 7 years supervisory level experience in international hotel or restaurant kitchen environments
  • Minimum of 5 years industry experience in high volume F&B operation

 Job-Specific Knowledge & Skills 

  • Expert technical cooking skills and theoretical knowledge of cooking styles
  • Advanced knowledge of global cuisines
  • Quantified experience in food safety and hygiene
  • Competent in Word, Excel, FMC and other software packages
  • Highly competent oral and written skills
  • Sound knowledge of stock control and financial budgets
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