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Prohibited & Restricted Materials – Rove Expo 2020

Prohibited Items

These items cannot enter the EXPO 2020 site under any circumstance. May you carry any of them upon arrival to the security checkpoint, they will be seized and disposed of by the EXPO 2020 security team.

Prohibited & Restricted Materials EXPO 2020

Prohibited Items

Additional information if required

All types of Explosive substances and devices


Firearms and Weapons (and their parts, replicas)

Firearms (including replicas, parts or any device suspected to be a firearm). Also includes guns, munitions


Including fake items - Bullets, toy guns

Gas Pistols & Cartridges


Detonator capsules, electrical detonators, electrical

flammables, detonating cord.


All controlled substances

Including those medications on the banned

substance list as per UAE Law.

Daggers, Switch-blades, Knives, and other bladed objects.

All types of knives and bladed items, including pocket knives and knives, carried as part of the cultural dress (excluding the Sikh Article of faith kirpan/ceremonial dagger).

Projectiles, including Boomerangs and catapults.


Offensive weapons or implements such as bayonets, flick

knives, extendable batons, sharpened combs, modified belt buckles and loose blades modified into weapons.

Anything made or adapted for the purpose of

causing an injury to a person, or for having it for the same purpose.

Flails and Knuckledusters


Electroshock equipment/stun guns



Visitors may not bring alcohol on site. 

Personal protection sprays such as CS or pepper sprays

CS: a cyanocarbon, is a defining component of tear gas.

Pepper Spray:    a non-lethal defence spray that

irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and temporary blindness.

Fireworks, flares and smoke canisters


Bicycles, scooters, segways, rollerskates and other mobile devices not intended for use by Persons of Determination


Jammers, radio scanners, unauthorised radios



Restricted Items

Items that have been identified as restricted for the purpose of Health and Safety or as part of the conditions of site. These items may not be illegal but are still restricted for various reasons.

Restricted Items

Exceptions/additional information

Professional filming equipment, professional photography equipment with lenses of over 30 ems


Food and beverage items

Except for infant food and beverage, any food and beverage items of a special dietary nature. Each person is permitted to bring 1 empty bottle less than 1 Litre in capacity

Any device with a laser beam/laser pointers or strobe light



Except for service and assistance animals. 

 Devices producing excessive noise (vuvuzela, drum, whistle, horns) which may affect comfort and safety


 Rigid poles and sticks (safety risks to other visitors, will restrict visibility and impinge evacuation)

Except walking sticks required for mobility reason

 Items too large to be electronically screened

Except for any mobility equipment required by people of determination

 Drones and unmanned aerial vehicles

 Use of drones is regulated by UAE civil aviation legislation