Emaar Foundation and Al Jalila Foundation have joined forces in this Year of Giving to raise awareness about ALS and support medical research and treatment for patients suffering from this terrible disease in the UAE.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a rare disease that affects around 450,000 people around the world. It’s effect over the body causes the progressive degeneration of the motor neurons, disallowing the brain from initiating and controlling muscle movements. When the motor neurons die, all ability to move is lost, leading to total paralysis and eventually, death. Unfortunately, no cure has been found yet for ALS.

Your support is important! Want to join the challenge? Check out the below infographic for more information.

How to donate? Follow below instructions to make a SMS donation!

  • Text ALSDXB to 4202 to donate AED10
  • Text ALSDXB to 4206 to donate AED 50
  • Text ALSDXB to 4209 to donate AED 100
  • Text ALSDXB to 4409 to donate AED 500

Don’t forget to share your Ice Bucket Challenge video online with hashtag #CHALLENGEALSDXB and challenge a friend!

We count on your help to raise funds and help people suffering from the disease across the region. Let’s make good things happen!  A small act can make a big difference 😉