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Our social responsibilities


Happiness! We think that by contributing to cleaner oceans, a less polluted world and a more equal society, we are helping to create a happier community around us.

Because of that, we support several causes to preserve the environment and impact the society we live in. Although we’re not perfect (we’re just human, after all!), we’re proud of our achievements so far. We’ve got a long way to go, but it’s all about the ride!



Rove is committed to positively impacting the world we live in – and our hotel operations prove it.

Rove Hotels has been certified with the prestigious Green Key eco-label. This certification, granted only to 2,900 hotels worldwide, recognises excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry.

Green Key eco-label

Our ethos of sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do and we love that our Rovers do it with us.
In order to achieve higher sustainability levels and align, and in alignment with the UAE 2021 vision, we have established 4 key pillars to achieve these goals.


We’re efficient at everything we do – including energy consumption. We use technology to make energy-saving a thing of our present.

  •  Low energy lights that automatically switch off when no one’s home.
  •  All our kitchens are energy efficient and our in-room fridges are expert savers, consuming less than 1kwh per day.

From motion sensors, power saving mode PCs to timed lighting schedules, our whole hotel is on board to save energy.


Every year, more than 2.12 billion tons of waste go into the ocean! Can you imagine?

Neither can we, so we’re going to change it – healthy oceans mean a happy planet.

  • Our food is far too delicious to throw away – Winnow technology keeps our kitchen waste in check.
  • No need for paper invoices, we’ll email them to you.
  • Keep hydrated without plastic! Our filtration systems allow us to serve water in glass bottles.
  • Let’s #stopsucking! We’re working with AZRAQME to conserve marine life by asking you to go strawless, or giving you a paper one.

You can also help us by dining in and soakin’ in The Daily’s vibes instead of taking takeaway. This way we can avoid using single-use disposable containers.

  • Gotta run? No worries, our biodegradable takeaway containers make your journey more eco-friendly.


Rove is big on water #conservation – it’s a precious resource!

  • We limit our water usage to set ‘litre per minute’ values and keep an eye on our water consumption with sensors.
  • Our pools use saltwater instead of chlorine. This makes water less harmful for your hair and skin, but also for the environment as we keep it free of chemicals.
  • Our AC condensate drain water is used for irrigation and plant growth.
  • Always in check! Water meter readings are conducted daily.
  • Water leakages are a thing of the past… 4hrs maximum! Once reported, we get it sorted.


We recycle to repurpose and reuse as much as possible.

  • You misplaced it so they can love it! Rove gives your lost and found items a second home at the Red Crescent.
  • Our food waste is composted to feed the earth.



#Roveincludes – Rove’s teaming up with women and People of Determination to balance the scales… no matter who’s holding them.


Providing equal access and greater empowerment, Rove supports local initiatives to do the same. These are some of our favorites so far…


Empowering women to re-enter the workspace and find perfect work-life balance – Rove’s the venue!

‘How To’ Female Empowerment

Our lady Rovesters receive advice and 1:1 empowerment sessions from guest speakers as well as from our own awesome female leaders.


Our Rovesters come in all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and blessings and that includes People of Determination.

We currently employ several People of Determination across various departments such as front office and food and beverage. They are true Rovesters that are passionate about what they do and have our full support to learn and evolve, enjoying the same opportunities as the rest of our team.

At Rove, regardless of who you are or where you come from, everybody can be themselves. All we need are people with great attitudes who are as passionate about hospitality as we are.