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We’ve compiled a list of the most common questions in regards to our fuel promotion. You can find out more details below:

  1. How Is My Discount Calculated?

Our system calculates discounts based on the following:

  • Current fuel prices in UAE
  • Fuel consumption for a Nissan Patrol (14.4L/100Km), one of the UAE’s most popular vehicles.
  • Nightly rate of our hotels
  • Distance from the capital city of your Emirate to our hotels

Discounts start from 20% and go up to 36% depending on the above factors, and can be applied for stays with a maximum length of 5 nights.

  1. Will I get a refund for the value of my fuel consumption?

We match the estimated cost of your fuel with a discount on your staycation. No cash refund will apply.

  1. Does the discount depend on the type of car I drive?

To make things easy and fair for everyone, we estimated discounts based on the average fuel consumption of one the UAE’s most popular vehicles, the Nissan Patrol – 14.5L/100Km.

If you have a smaller, more efficient car or prefer to take public transport to our hotels, well, you are in luck! This discount will also be applicable to you.

  1. How do you know where I am traveling from?

Our website detects the location from where you are making the booking and calculates a discount according to that.

  1. Is this promotion valid in conjunction with other offers?

No, once you have applied the discount to your hotel booking, you will not be able to select any other promotion.

  1. Is the discount equivalent to the fuel consumption of one way or the full round trip to my location?

All our estimations have been done based on a one-way trip from your location to our hotels for a one-night stay.

Depending on how fuel efficient your vehicle is, and the number of nights you stay with us, you will likely save more than the fuel consumption for the full round trip. The longer the staycation, the better 😉

  1. Can I benefit from the discount if I come by metro?

Yes! We want to reward earth-loving Rovers as well, so you can also enjoy the discount, regardless of which transportation you use.

  1. And If I drive an electric car?

Yes! This promotion is also applicable to those driving an electric car.

  1. Does the discount get applied at the full rate?

The discount is applicable on the full stay rate, before fees such as:

  • 7% Municipality Fee
  • 10% Service Charge
  • AED 10 Tourism Dirham Fee
  • 5% VAT
  1. Are there any restrictions?

This rate is applicable for stays with a maximum length of 5 nights.

Promotion is valid only to those travelling from within the UAE.