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Rove Hotels Now At KidZania Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Hey Rovers! It's time to check-in to our new Kids Only Rove Hotels at KidZania Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Get a peek into the life of our Rovesters with some super-fun activities which include: high-five Rovers at check-in, hold brainstorming sessions with your fellow "colleagues", manage sparkling cleanliness in the hotel and more.  

KidZania is a replica of a real city, run by kids, that combines entertainment and education, with over 70 real-life activities for children aged 4-16. Let your children discover all about different jobs through exciting role-play, and develop decision-making, creativity and social skills in ways that can’t be taught in a classroom. Buy tickets at


KidZania Dubai

KidZania Abu Dhabi

Learning is better when it’s fun. Visit Rove Hotel in KidZania and experience our Rovester's routine of working in the hotel! 

FREE Training Bootcamp - Sign Up Now!

In celebration of the opening, we have organised a really cool Hotelier Training Bootcamp, where selected kids will get to be a part of the Rove Hotels team for a day. The bootcamp includes plenty of fun activities like checking Rovers into the hotel, making sure our Rover Rooms are ready for a great nights' sleep, and much more!

You can register before 30th November 2019. Limited spots available. Register your interest below.