We have just joined the #green side!

Rove Hotels has become part of the Green Key Initiative, a standard of excellence for the tourism industry that aims to achieve a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation in hotels around the world.

The programme goals are the following:

/ Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable operation and technology with the objective of reducing the overall use of resources.
/ Raise awareness and encourage a more sustainable operation among Rovers, Rovesters and suppliers.
/ Increase the use of environmentally friendly and sustainable methods and raise awareness to create behavioural changes in the hospitality and tourism industry overall.

We are commited to the preservation of the environment and consider these premises essential for XXI century hospitality. 

To achieve this, we have developed a great number of initiatives with the purpose of improving the environmental sustainability of areas such as:

We need your help to save the world, don’t forget to Rove #Green!

Happy Roving!

Rove Hotels is a proud member of: