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30 September 2023

Dubai Airshow

Are you ready to rove at the Dubai Airshow? This exciting and prestigious event will take place at the Dubai World Center this year. The good news is that Rove has you covered with conveniently located accommodation for the Airshow, meaning you don’t have to miss a minute of the excitement. With two hotels located conveniently nearby at Rove Expo 2020 and Rove at the Park, and another seven spread out across the city, there’s plenty of room for Rovers to make a base at one of our vibrant, exciting locations. Visit our website to book your stay now! If visiting this event is on your itinerary, here’s some insight into the Dubai Airshow and what you can expect.

The Dubai Airshow and its significance to the aerospace industry

The Dubai Airshow is an international aerospace exhibition and airshow held in Dubai every two years. As one of the world’s largest and most renowned airshows, the event highlights the most recent advancements in the aerospace industry, such as aircraft, aerospace technology, defence systems, and related products and services. Bringing together aerospace companies, manufacturers, suppliers, and industry experts, the Airshow is an opportunity to showcase products, debate industry trends, develop collaborations, and network with future customers and clients.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons for the importance of this aeronautical event.

  • Business opportunities, product launches, and demos

During the Airshow, companies can present their offering to a large audience of prospective clients, investors, and partners on a stage for commercial discussions, sales agreements, and partnerships.

  • Partnerships and networking

The event brings together industry professionals, fostering an environment ideal for networking and forming partnerships. Businesses can engage with important decision-makers, subject matter experts, and possible partners to investigate new business opportunities and broaden their networks.

  • Industry trends and insights

The Dubai Airshow features conferences, seminars, and panel discussions on various subjects related to the aerospace industry. Attendees can stay informed about the direction of the industry by attending these seminars, which provide insights into the most recent trends, challenges, and opportunities in aviation and defence.

  • Economic impact

Dubai and the larger UAE region enjoy a significant financial gain from the Airshow. It increases the number of tourists from abroad, encourages spending and local travel, and strengthens the nation’s standing as a centre for aerospace and aviation activity.

What to expect at the Dubai Airshow

This year, there will be both new and recurring features, including VISTA, the startup hub, plus over 300 industry speakers, 13 industry sessions across five stages, and many networking possibilities. 

  • StartUp-VISTA 

VISTA, held concurrently with the Dubai Airshow, offers companies worldwide a dedicated hub to meet with mentors, accelerators, and investors.

  • Aircraft and flying display 

With some of the most cutting-edge aircraft in the world on display in the air and on the ground, the flying display and static park are a highlight for both attendees and exhibitors.

  • Technology showcase

This showcase offers specialized seminars and exhibition space for top IT companies to present their most recent solutions in automation, cybersecurity, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

  • Conferences 

The Dubai Airshow conference, which spans four stages, features nine tracks with some of the most well-known speakers and organisations in the aviation sector.

  • Space experience zone 

Participate in a two-day space content program, a brand-new space start-up competition, a thrilling display of space technology, and their biggest space pavilion to date!

Rove has your accommodation taken care of!

Dubai has a vast selection of excellent accommodation options, but, when it comes to location, you won’t get better than Rove offering you two different hotels to choose from! Both Rove Expo 2020 and Rove at the Park are conveniently located from Dubai World Centre, with under 25 and 30 minutes of travel time respectively. If you’re looking for something a little further away, Rove has a total of nine hotels located across the city, making it easy to find a Rover Room wherever you please!

Rovers enjoy comfort, convenience, and an easygoing atmosphere when they stay with us and can choose from a variety of options when it comes to accommodation. Our Rover Rooms offer all the good stuff; a comfy bed, a mini-fridge for your snacks, and a power rain shower you won’t want to get out of!

All Rove hotels are equipped with those key amenities that make your trip that much better. Rovers enjoy super speedy 5G wifi, a 24-hour gym, an outdoor pool, and laundry facilities. Not to mention The Daily, there to make sure our Rovers are well-fed and ready to take on Dubai! 

With the Dubai Airshow coming up, make your accommodation one less thing to worry about when it comes to your travel planning. Book your stay now and get ready for one of the most exciting events on the Dubai calendar.