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26 June 2022

Hotels Near the Museum of the Future

On the hunt for hotels near the Museum of the Future? You’re in luck, Rovers! Our Rove Trade Centre hotel places you right at the forefront of Dubai’s latest iconic attraction that’s renowned as the “most beautiful building in the world.” Get up close and personal with what the future holds in store for us all when you visit the must-see Museum of the Future, right from the convenient location of our hotel! Here’s what you need to know.

Exploring the awe-inspiring Museum of the Future

The illustrious structure known as the Museum of the Future features artistically engraved Arabic poetry by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in the calligraphy of Mattar bin Lahej, illuminated at night to light up the city.

museum of the future dubai

Unlike every other museum you have been to, the Museum of the Future challenges the norm by showcasing the possibilities of a sustainable future instead of reminiscing through artefacts from the past. This “beacon of hope” aims to inspire a new chapter for humanity that embraces the concept of sustainability for the future.

Things to do at the Museum of the Future

  • Discover new possibilities for space and energy
  • Reconnect with their mind, body and soul while leaving technology behind at the spa-like sanctuary
  • Play a role in repairing the effects of climate change as they encounter new and evolving species within the DNA Vault
  • Soak up the beauty of a digital Amazon rainforest while witnessing the interactions between hundreds of species in nature
  • Reimagine the future while healing the mind with the effects of meditation, water and movement


Little Rovers will also get to immerse themselves in specially curated challenges when they visit the Future Heroes arena in the museum, with experts guiding their way as they work collaboratively to earn badges after overcoming obstacles. Future Heroes is a space dedicated to little ones and aims to encourage discovery, exploration and play among children as they acquire new skills and talents that will shape our future world.

If you are a Rover that has an appreciation for nature, then the surrounding gardens of the Museum of the Future will immediately draw your attention. Designed to support the bee and bird population, the gardens feature hand-selected trees from across the UAE that are already accustomed to the Middle Eastern climate.

Explore this highlight attraction when you stay at one of the trendy Rove hotels near the Museum of the Future.

Rove Hotels Near the Museum of the Future

Rove Trade Centre is just a few minutes away, and it beckons you to explore as you traverse the city from its closely situated location to all the major attractions in Dubai. Located right on the brink of Sheikh Zayed Road, you’ll get to quickly and easily rove your way to La Mer for a day in the sun, the Burj Khalifa for a bird’s eye view of the city, and The Dubai Mall for a shopping spree like never before! Now added to that list is the breathtaking Museum of the Future. 

Rove Trade Centre is also conveniently situated close to two of Dubai’s public transportation routes: the metro station at Al Jafiliya just 800 metres away and the Satwa bus stop just 700 metres away. This makes it easy for you to hop from one scenic attraction to the next, whether that be the bustling beach at La Mer, the world’s tallest restaurant (At.mosphere), the Dubai World Trade Centre, or the Museum of the Future!

Rovers have ample choices when it comes to where to stay in Dubai. Rove Downtown, best hotel in downtown and Rove City Walk, hotel near city walk are also situated close to the Museum of the Future. 

All Rover Rooms are comfortably sized at 26 square metres, ensuring you have all the space you need when you return after a long day of adventure in the city! Cosy up to your comfy linen while enjoying a quick catch-up on your favourite series when you use the Smart TV while snacking on treats stored in your mini-fridge. There are enough universal 220V power sockets and USB ports throughout the hotel to keep you charged for updating your Instagram feed with snaps of your travels using our free high-speed WiFi available.

Hit the 24-hour gym on-site before washing down in the power rain shower found in your hotel room, then head down to The Daily, our laid-back restaurant that serves sensational coffee, signature drinks and mouth-watering international cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether it’s a classic cheeseburger or a juicy steak you’re after, our menu boasts something for Rovers with all kinds of palates!

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to ask a friendly Rovester for any further assistance, should you need it! Get ready to discover the Museum of the Future and other exciting highlights in Dubai.

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