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15 March 2018

International Day of Happiness

Hello Rovers,

Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this contest a success!

The winners of the International Day of Happiness competition have been selected and we are ready to announce them:


  1. @momlife_hiswife
  2. @nursemarko
  3. @sayeda_fathima
  4. @kellie_tv
  5. @panchamiblogs
  6. @faten_z
  7. @heenakukreja_


  1. Effat Yassin
  2. Tamer Adnan
  3. Armie Marie C. Bausas
  4. Alina Azam
  5. Jessica Bacayo Pacador
  6. Yule Bron


  1. @sapnaadvani
  2. @jhanzhopie
  3. @shirley6143
  4. @mrm.dxb
  5. @faithfulsha119
  6. @nidaaksoy
  7. @apple_zjp

Our congratulations! You can collect your voucher at Rove Downtown.


/ Please present your ID to be able to take your prize.

/ Vouchers are valid until 1st October 2018

/ A complimentary stay is subject to availability. To book your room contact our reservations team by emailing and attach the copy of your voucher.

Happy Roving!