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17 July 2023

Sustainable Tourism in Downtown Dubai

Rove Hotels is proud to prioritise eco-friendly tourism to offer our guests a sustainable hotel experience. We make it possible for Rovers to enjoy their visit to the UAE through a conscious and cultural immersion with hospitality geared towards sustaining our priceless environment. Our locations across the city all take the same sustainable approach, so you can rest assured that no matter which Rove hotel you stay in, sustainability is a priority.

Rove Hotels offers sustainable tourism

The sustainability objective of Rove Hotels is based on tackling important environmental and social issues that affect the local community and conscious travel. We strive to improve our environmental footprint by managing our impact for the benefit of society. We also contribute by  empowerment initiatives that aim to make the community more equal and inclusive.

We’re reaching these goals and have become the first hotel group to pass Dubai Tourism’s sustainability requirements. We have also removed all plastic bottles in hotel rooms by providing Rovers with a glass bottle to stay hydrated with filtered water instead. We bolster these efforts with saltwater pools and water limit consumption to reduce the unnecessary use of water. 

Here’s a look at all of the ways we strive to offer the most sustainable stays at our hotels in Downtown Dubai and beyond. 

Being energy-savvy

Whenever possible, energy conservation is a crucial step in becoming more sustainable. Rove Hotels aims to use cutting-edge technology that reduces our need for energy. Since we’re located in the perpetually sunny city of Dubai, we also use solar energy whenever it’s practical to lessen our carbon footprint. 

Here are some of the ways we ensure that we’re being energy-wise:

  • We adapt the air conditioning temperatures according to the season 
  • Lights are operated by motion sensors and modulators 
  • In-room fridges are highly energy efficient, consuming less than 1kwh per day
  • All Rove hotels are equipped with LED lights, using 75% less energy than traditional bulbs
  • We work with local suppliers, where possible, to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions
  • All Rove hotels have accessible rooms and facilities for People of Determination
  • We offer Tesla superchargers in all of our hotels, making it easy for those driving electric cars.
  • Wherever possible, we provide scooters & bikes to move around the city

Utilising waste 

In our dedication to delivering comprehensive sustainability practices, we haven’t missed a beat. For our guests’ comfort in the hot Middle Eastern climate, each of our Rover Rooms has an air conditioner. We have made sure the drainage water from the ACs is captured and used for irrigation purposes.

100% of our food waste is composted to replenish the soil. The menus have been optimised to reduce food wastage with thoughtful emphasis on family sharing and diverse dietary needs (including vegan options). In addition to this, our hotels are straw-free and we offer biodegradable packaging and bamboo key cards to further reduce the use of plastic. 

Other ways we focus on reducing waste include the use of digital records to cut down on the usage of paper in an initiative that saves over 1 million sheets of paper a year! Guests will also find recycling bins within easy reach during their stay. 

Green Key Certification

A well-known eco-certification in the tourism sector is called Green Key. It is overseen in the UAE by the Emirates Green Building Council. The Green Key framework promotes the development of high benchmarks for environmental stewardship and sustainable business practices. 

Rove Hotels undergo an annual audit to make sure we are meeting the criteria for this prestigious award, just like all other Green Key members. By meeting criteria relating to the operational and technical requirements of energy and water consumption, establishments in the tourism sector can demonstrate their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment and providing sustainable tourism. 

The Sustainable Development Goals 2015–2030 outlined by the United Nations are consistent with the objectives set forth by Green Key. Since sustainability is a never-ending endeavour, members are expected to demonstrate yearly progress by cutting back on consumption and raising awareness of the Green Key programs among visitors and staff. 

Fun fact!

The Rove team proudly wears uniforms made of recycled plastic. Each shirt takes 3 bottles away from the landfill.

Tourism that serves the community

Rove hotels are plentiful in the UAE, including our Rove hotel in Downtown Dubai. This location puts you in the centre of this exciting destination and in close proximity to the main attractions, meaning less travel time, and more time exploring!

There is a Rove Hotel for you whether you want to stay in the city, by the beach, or as close to your favourite entertainment venue as possible. For instance, when you book at our Rove hotel in Downtown Dubai, you’ll be within walking distance of the likes of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountains, and The Dubai Mall, so you can shed even more miles from your carbon footprint. 

Another way to enjoy sustainable travel is to experience the culture of a country. Dubai offers multiple heritage-based experiences, from shopping in the souks to discovering the historical landmarks dating back to the days of the pearl diving trade in Dubai. Guests are encouraged to experience the old world of Dubai and to engage in cultural activities. There are multiple ways to do this, from desert experiences to visiting a mosque and tasting Arabian specialities.

Ready to rove the right way?

Travel in good conscience with Rove Hotels, a hospitality brand fully committed to sustainability with an extensive and fully-fledged approach which we are proud of. Travel better with the team at Rove Hotels. Book your next stay at our hotel in Downtown Dubai today!