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1. What are the studio timings?

The studio is available from 8.00am to 8.00pm.

2. Can I bring my own gear?

Yes, you can! However, we would encourage you to bring your own memory card should you decide to use our cameras. You will need an XQD card for the Nikon Z 6, or an SD card for the Nikon Z 5.

3. What equipment can be found in the studio? Do I need to pay for it?

We have the following equipment available and this is all included within the rental fee:

  • Nikon Z5 Camera with Nikkor Z24-50mm f/4 S
  • Nikon Z6 Camera with 24-70mm f/4 S
  • Aperture Light Storm and soft box
  • Saramonic Blink 500 wireless mic
  • White, Black and Green screens
  • Light reflectors

4. How can I book?

You can call us at +971 4 561 9099 or email us at

5. What are the prices?

We are offering a complimentary two-hour session that can be availed by anyone wanting to try the studio for the first time until 31st August 2021.
For any extra hours, pricing is as follows:

  • AED 150/ hour
  • AED 400/ half Day (6 hours)
  • AED 700/ full Day (12 hours)

6. Can I bring models?

Yes, you can, however, please keep cultural sensitivities in mind when shooting.

7. Are there any restrictions related to shooting in the studio?

Live animals and food products that require preparation are not permitted. Canned food for product shoots is permissible. Please keep in mind that a fee may be charged in case of property damage.
Please respect the local laws, customs and cultural sensitivities of the U.A.E., therefore modest dressing, etc. is required at all times.

8. Can I bring food?

Food is available to order from our restaurant, The Daily.

9. What’s the maximum capacity?

Due to restrictions, we can allow a maximum of 8 guests within the studio.

10. Who can I contact in case of issues?

You may contact one of our Rovesters at +971 4 241 9500. For any technical issues, please reach out to Joanna at the Nikon hotline at +971 50 550 3481

11. Can I shoot outside the studio (e.g. hotel lobby, in the street, Dubai Marina promenade)?

If you inform us prior to the shoot, we may obtain permission to shoot outside the studio but within the hotel premises.  We do not allow shooting outside the hotel premises.

12. What if I found a camera broken before I started using it?

Prior to occupying the studio, the team will assist you to sign in, and they will check the gear jointly with you to ensure there is no damage. Once checked, you will be required to sign a disclaimer form prior to usage. Upon signing out, our friendly Rovester will once again check the equipment and sign you out.

13. I am an amateur photographer. Can someone explain to me how to use the gear?

Absolutely, we will have a Nikon representative that will be happy to assist you should you have any technical queries.

14. I’m a Nikon Premium or Nikon Professional Services member. Do I get any discount?

Nikon Premium and Nikon Professional Services members will get you a 30% discount.

15. Can I bring my own props to the studio?

Yes, you can! However, please keep in mind the below prohibited items:

  • Flammables
  • Fireworks
  • Narcotics
  • Knives and blades
  • Axes and sharp objects
  • Explosives
  • Radioactive materials
  • Weapons
  • Toxic chemicals