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Planning a seaside escape in Dubai? Few destinations can rival the charm of Jumeirah Beach Residence!

If you’re looking for the perfect place to stay for a beachy Dubai experience, hotels in JBR offer a slice of paradise. Whether it’s the beautiful shoreline, vibrant attractions, or world-class dining and shopping you’re after, Jumeirah Beach Residence has it all! At Rove, you can treat yourself to quality accommodation and relaxation with our various locations, including a prime spot at Dubai Marina for Rovers seeking the perfect oceanside hotel. Explore our options and get ready for a sunny, salty Dubai experience!

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Hotels near JBR

Rove Dubai Marina

Rove Dubai Marina is situated ten minutes away from Jumeirah Beach Residence
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Rove Dubai Marina

For Rovers looking to spend their holiday on the beach, our Dubai Marina location is perfect. A short ten-minute walk or drive, depending on traffic, takes you to JBR beach, and, when you’re not catching a tan on the sand or swimming in the sparkling Gulf, you can take in the views of the ocean right from your Rover Room. Dubai Marina Mall is also close by, and you can enjoy easy access to the rest of the city thanks to our convenient, direct access to Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai’s main highway.

The best hotel in Dubai!

No matter how many available hotels in Dubai, time and time again I recommend and choose the Rove Dubai Marina for its great location, superb pricing, and exceptional customer service. I am delighted to say that during every visit, each employee has taken time to ensure that I have an outstanding experience. Every single check-in has been carried out efficiently, and all requests to the front desk, big or small, have been handled expeditiously. The employees have always made me feel like a welcomed and valued customer when I enter the hotel. - AveryW

Rove Expo 2020

Located 20 minutes away from JBR, offering guests the best of both worlds
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Rove Expo 2020

Slightly further afield and perfect for Rovers wanting access to Dubai from a more central location, Rove Expo 2020 is a truly unique destination! With the Dubai Metro rail just a stone’s throw from the hotel, Rovers can easily travel to JBR Beach from Rove Expo. What’s more, Expo City Dubai is a true treasure trove of sights and sounds, giving Rovers a chance to experience a vibrant part of Dubai’s offering.

Fantastic place to stay

Wonderful hotel with outstanding amenities. Elegant and classy. The restaurant is fantastic, as is the quality of each dish and the pleasant customer service. Rove Hotels has made me a fan. Keep up the wonderful work. I definitely recommend it for a quick escape from the city's hustle and bustle. - Praj

Rove Downtown

Located 20 minutes away from JBR
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Rove Downtown

For Rovers looking to see and do it all in Dubai, Rove Downtown is your answer. This Rove hotel is centrally located for many of Dubai’s major attractions, including Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. Better still, it’s a breeze down the city’s main highway, Sheikh Zayed Road, to get to Jumeirah Beach Residence for your seaside adventures!

Home away from home

Thank you for your warm welcome whenever am staying at your hotel. The room was clean, Rica and Ana were such a darling, and the smiles were so genuine. Breakfast is nice as well, with lots of options. You will always feel at home with Rove. - FelisaC

What can I do at JBR Dubai?

Jumeirah Beach Residence, nestled in the heart of Dubai Marina, is a coastal gem that offers pristine beaches, sparkling waters, and a bustling seaside promenade known as The Walk at JBR. Here, Rovers will discover an array of attractions, from beachfront dining to water sports and boutique shopping. The neighbourhood seamlessly combines leisure with adventure, creating a vibrant hub for travellers of all kinds!

Getting to JBR is a breeze. The Dubai Metro’s Red Line provides direct access to the area, making it convenient for Rovers to move about. A bus network also connects the neighbourhood to the rest of the city, and taxis and ride-hailing services are readily available.

Jumeirah Beach Residence stretches along a whopping 1.7 km-long coastline in Dubai Marina. Offering over 300 retail shops, 70 restaurants, and an open-air mall boasting a cinema, a water park, and a host of leisure attractions, JBR is an exciting destination that Rovers exploring Dubai certainly won’t want to miss!

Top attractions at JBR
JBR Beach
The Walk at JBR
The Beach at JBR
Al Safa Park
Jumeirah Beach Park
Questions about hotels in JBR and about the Dubai Marina area in general? Explore our FAQs! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us. One of our friendly Rovesters will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have.

Is Jumeirah Beach Residence free to enter?

Yes, there is no entry fee to access any of the public spaces at JBR, such as the beach, The Walk at JBR, the various restaurants, and the parks. However, some parts of the beach are reserved for guests at the hotels within JBR. Non-guests can purchase day passes for the beach if they wish to access these areas.

What is the dress code for Jumeirah Beach Residence?

It’s absolutely fine for Rovers to wear a swimsuit on the beaches of Dubai, and JBR is no exception. However, once you leave the beach, it is expected that you cover up again. The dress code also differs between night and day. Casual wear is acceptable during the day, but if you wish to visit JBR’s restaurants in the evening, smart casual is preferred, with shirts and full-length trousers for men.

Are there opening and closing times at JBR?

JBR Beach is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, meaning Rovers can visit at any time they like. However, you are not allowed to swim after sunset, for safety reasons. 

Can you hire umbrellas at JBR Beach?

Yes! It is possible to hire both umbrellas and beach chairs at JBR Beach, meaning you can make your day out as comfortable as possible.

What is the water like at JBR?

As a desert city, Dubai is famously hot! This means that water temperatures year-round are pleasant for swimming, ranging from 32 to 35°C in August and 20 to 22°C in February.

How do I travel to JBR Dubai?

There are various options available for travel to JBR. The Dubai Metro rail is one of the most convenient modes of transport available in the city, and the service runs to Jumeirah Beach Residence. Buses are an alternative option, and ride-hailing services are also readily available. 

  • Here’s how to get to JBR via the Metro: 

Take a Red Line train and get off at either Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Lakes Towers station. From here, you can take the pedestrian bridges that connect these stations to the Dubai Marina Mall, and follow the signs to JBR from there. It is only a short walk away! 

  • Here’s how to get to JBR on a bus:

Three bus routes run to JBR; the 8, 84, and F55. Make sure you disembark at Jumeirah Beach Residence 1. It’s a five-minute walk from here to all the action!

Alternatively, driving to JBR is also an easy option. Simply head south on Sheikh Zayed Road (also known as the E11), and look out for the Dubai Marina or Jumeirah Beach Residence interchange. Take the JBR exit and keep following the signs to the destination! There is plenty of paid underground parking available in the area at a rate of AED 20 per hour. However, you can get three hours of free parking if you spend AED 100 at certain outlets at The Beach at JBR.

What hotels are close to Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai?

Rove Dubai Marina is your number-one option for a well-located hotel near Jumeirah Beach Residence! Just ten minutes away from JBR, this Rove hotel offers you convenience and incredible views of the Arabian Gulf.

How much do hotels in JBR and Dubai Marina cost?

The cost of hotels in Jumeirah Beach Residence and Dubai Marina vary per hotel. At Rove Dubai Marina, you can secure a Rover Room starting at AED 300 (USD 82). Head over to our bookings page and grab your spot now!

What can I do at Jumeirah Beach Residence?

JBR offers a wide range of attractions. From the beach itself to the open-air mall, the promenade, and the parks, there is something for everyone at Jumeirah Beach Residence!

What can I do at the Dubai Marina?

There is plenty to do and see at Dubai Marina, another exciting destination in the city!

  • Zero Gravity Beach Club: Experience luxury at its finest at this premier beach club. It offers a beautiful beach, a glass-door pool, two-tier restaurants, and a nightclub open to the sky where you can dance the night away.
  • Dubai Marina Mall: This shopping haven is set across four floors, offering a mix of high-end and high-street fashion brands, beauty outlets, cafes, restaurants, and a six-screen cinema!
  • Dubai Marina Yacht Club: Rent a private yacht and explore the man-made beaches and canals of the marina. In the evening, Rovers can enjoy the vibrant nightlife along the waterfront with lounges, bars, and restaurants.

Is JBR and Jumeirah the same?

No, JBR and Jumeirah are two different locations on the Dubai coast. JBR stands for Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is situated near the Dubai Marina. Jumeirah Beach is a different part of the city that is not near the marina.

How far is JBR from Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall is 25.2 km from Jumeirah Beach Residence. While the two are not nearby, it is easy to travel between them using one of the many transport options available! Whether you drive or catch the Metro, Dubai is a well-connected city with excellent transportation infrastructure. If you are looking to stay around Dubai Mall, check out Rove Downtown, located within walking distance from it.