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06 January 2022

How To Do a 2-Day Layover in Dubai - Plus Where to Stay

Got 48 hours to spare in Dubai? Don’t waste it sitting in an airport when you’ve got so many mind-blowing activities to keep busy during your Dubai layover. From exciting sightseeing opportunities such as the Dubai Fountain to immersive experiences such as the jaw-dropping Dubai Frame, there is much to see and do during your […]

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04 January 2022

The Low Down on Dubai's Neighbourhoods

So, you’re headed to Dubai and want to get acquainted with the neighbourhoods? Here’s what you need to know to get yourself situated in the city. Each area has something exciting to offer visitors, making this a helpful guide when planning your trip and figuring out where to stay. Downtown Dubai Where to stay: Rove […]

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30 December 2021

A First-Timer's Guide to Visiting Dubai

Your first trip to Dubai is sure to be a thrilling one. With so much to experience, it’s understandable to feel a little overwhelmed by it all. That’s why we’ve put this guide together to help you navigate the city and plan your perfect visit. Ready? Let’s go! Visiting Dubai: Let’s start with the basics […]

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28 December 2021

Here Are Some Record-Breaking Experiences to Enjoy in Dubai

Dubai is a city filled with record-breaking experiences! It has the world’s most skyscrapers and to add to that feat, it’s broken all kinds of records for having the greatest, largest, tallest and grandest sights to behold. Here’s a look at the many record-breakers in Dubai that’ll blow your mind when you come and visit.  […]

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23 December 2021

Get a Glimpse Inside the Iconic Burj Al Arab with Your Very Own Butler!

Guests are now invited to experience a guided tour inside the iconic Burj Al Arab hotel. These prestigious spaces have recently opened up to visits from the public. Rovers, add this to your bucket list! The Jumeirah Group’s hotel tour promises to be an immersive 90-minute experience guided by a butler. You’ll get to hear […]

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