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20 September 2022

A Shopaholic’s Guide to Dubai: from Glitzy Malls to Traditional Souks

Dubai is uncontested when it comes to the world’s top shopping destinations. Here’s a guide for all retail enthusiasts visiting Dubai.

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31 August 2022

Explore the Best that Dubai has to Offer with Rove Hotels

Be situated close to all there is to see and do in Dubai at Rove Hotels, from beach days to water park fun, amusement park adventures, and shopping galore.

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14 August 2022

Cheap Hotels in Dubai Marina 

Enjoy a beachfront vacation at Rove Dubai Marina. It is one of the cheaper hotels in Dubai Marina that offer you all of the wonders of this exclusive neighbourhood without the hefty price tag.

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07 August 2022

Staying at a Rove Hotel Near Dubai Mall

Rove Downtown and Rove City Walk tick all the boxes for hotels near The Dubai Mall with comfort, convenience and stylish interiors! Enjoy your Rover Room when you’re not shopping to your heart’s content at one of the biggest malls in the world.

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31 July 2022

Best Beach Hotels in Dubai

The best beach hotels in Dubai offer guests views of the Arabian Gulf to wake up to, along with all the perks of a seaside holiday. Here’s your guide to finding the beach beachside Rove hotel.

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