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Mobility District

In our ever-expanding digitally connected world, the physical boundaries that separate us have dissolved into the ether, and opened up opportunities to explore the world like never before. When we put our minds together and share knowledge, ideas, and innovations about moving the world forward, we can truly move mountains.

This year’s Expo 2020 theme is focused on ‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’, and the Mobility District invites Rovers to explore the innovations, technologies, and collective knowledge from people across the globe that is driving human progress to heights unheard of.

 At the heart of the Mobility District, you’ll find Alif – The Mobility Pavilion – where physical and virtual worlds meet. You can expect to witness larger-than-life marvels of mobility empowering humans to navigate beyond earth’s frontiers and explore the stars, the latest cutting-edge technology in autonomous vehicles, robots, spaceships, hoverboards, and jetpacks, and see innovative mobility devices in action on a 330-metre track that runs both underground and out in the open. Mobility has never been more exciting, innovative, or transformational!

 Visit Mobility District to discover how these innovations are transforming the way we live, how we connect with people and understand different cultures and the speed at which we are able to exchange knowledge, goods, and ideas on the drive to the development of humankind.

Belgium Pavilion

Smart and Green Belgium 2050

The Belgium Pavilion will draw on renewable resources to feed its energy needs, smart technologies to feed its plants and the country’s world-class cuisine to feed its guests.

Architect: Assar Architects & Vincent Callebaut Architectures

Finland Pavilion

Sharing Future Happiness

Finland will showcase its many areas of excellence, from education and sustainable technologies to health and wellbeing, as well as the natural beauty that attracts travellers from around the world. Explore the 'Snow Cape', a peaceful haven full of surprises, and discover the country's natural beauty and knack for innovation.

Russia Pavilion

An Infinite Source of Creativity

Showcasing Russia’s extensive knowledge in various fields, the pavilion will take visitors to the next level, where they will be able to experience the possibilities of tomorrow. Find the answers to essential questions, such as "how do we find our place in an interconnected world?" and "how can we better understand each other despite our differences?"

Thailand Pavilion

Mobility for the Future

Covered on the outside by a curtain of over 500 woven artificial flowers, the Thailand Pavilion will present the nation’s warm hospitality and its capabilities in digital innovation and technology. Share your own flower engravings in the pavilion's garden and discover more about the country's creative advances in a variety of fields.

France Pavilion

Lightspeed Inspiration

Titled ‘Light, Lights’, the pavilion’s theme explores light as an enabler of progress, a vehicle for connections and a source of heat and creativity. Be dazzled by daily light shows, experience a cultural and artistic immersive journey, and savour France's exceptional gastronomy.

Republic of Korea Pavilion

Smart Korea, Moving the World to You

The structure will explore the ways that mobility is set to change our lives and will feature the best of Korean art, style and technology. The nation’s modern culture, including its world-famous music genre K-pop, will be on show.

Turkmenistan Pavilion

Homeland of Peace and Trust

Native to Turkmenistan and symbolising national pride, horses will play a prominent role in this pavilion experience that promises to immerse the senses. Furthermore, learn why the country has dedicated 2021 to the vital pillars of peace and trust.

USA Pavilion

Dynamic and Always Changing

The USA Pavillion showcases a dynamic society that has shaped the modern world and supports freedom and prosperity for all. The Hyperloop, which uses vacuum technology to transport passengers at ultra-fast speeds, will be showcased alongside dance, literature, music and gastronomy.

Oman Pavilion

Oman - Opportunities over Time

Reflecting the country’s rich past, five zones within the pavilion will explore how frankincense has been playing an important role in Omani life for over 5,000 years, spanning everything from medicine to food to cosmetics.

Poland Pavilion

Creativity Inspired by Nature

The tree-like structure, which references the large-scale migration of birds from Poland to the Arab world, explores the nation’s diverse global connections, as well as its role as a leading producer of goods.

Peru Pavilion

Timeless, Always Peru

Enjoy a sensory experience through one of the cradles of mankind and one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. The Pavilion features real-time construction of the last Incan bridge and experiential gastronomy with Peruvian superfoods.