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Opportunity District

An opportunity refers to a time or set of circumstances that make it possible to achieve something. Dubai is a city that has made all sorts of unimaginable things possible, from the world’s deepest diving pool to its tallest building.

That is what the Opportunity Pavilion at Expo 2020 is all about. With billions of people in the world, each of us holds within us the chance to tap into the endless potential. With this, we can make the world a better place for everyone, bringing forward much-needed inspiration and change. 

Visit the Opportunity District to see how all of our lives and actions are interconnected; an ideal reflected by a 111 km canopy of intertwined and spiraled rope. This is an exciting space to meet people who are bringing dreams to life by paving the way for an idealistically envisioned future. 

Visitors can expect to engage in immersive and interactive experiences to learn about different walks of life and to inspire new ways of thinking. The Opportunity Pavilion features organic and recycled materials including timber (with no concrete in sight) and stone (2,500 tonnes worth!), all designed to help us to consider critical issues relating to our environment.

Ready to be inspired? Come and see what these countries are showcasing.

Austria Pavilion

A Calm Atmosphere to Evoke Creative Solutions

Enter into this heat-regulating pavilion made of the oldest building material: loam (soil). Their iLab will showcase natural climate control solutions, with a Vienna coffeehouse serving authentic pastries.

Belarus Pavilion

Forest of Future Technology

Belarus is exploring the themes of innovation, investment and the individual at its pavilion, which recreates the look and feel of the nation’s primaeval forests. See for yourself how nature and technology can help us grow together.

Monaco Pavilion

Monaco 360° - a World of Opportunities

Be transpired to the French Riviera at the Monaco pavilion. The design is inspired by the ‘Rock of Monaco,’ taking visitors on a multi-sensory journey of mirrored exhibition spaces. It is covered in solar panels with a maze-like layout that is akin to the country’s streets, with surprises around every corner.

Morocco Pavilion

A Kingdom of Inspiration

Modernity meets tradition in the architectural design of the Morocco pavilion in an immersive experience into the country. Rediscover the kingdom and be inspired by the opportunities in the North African country with the theme being ‘Legacies for the future — from inspiring origins... to sustainable progress.’

China Pavilion

Building a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind

China’s pavilion takes the shape of a lantern, symbolising happiness and good fortune. Inside, you’ll see a tour of the nation’s developments in education, science, and technology. It is the Expo’s biggest pavilion so there’s lots to see - including the likes of the latest in innovation, from AI to 5G.

Italy Pavilion

Beauty Connects People

The Italy Pavillion celebrates beauty as the connecting element between creativity and knowledge. Enjoy an unforgettable experience that presents new educational, professional and business opportunities.

Norway Pavilion

Pioneering Sustainable Ocean Solutions

Norway has fishing, trade, and exploration weaved into its heritage and at their pavilion, visitors will learn all about marine sustainability. Embark on a voyage that takes you from ancient trading boats to modern-day eco-friendly fisheries, offshore wind power stations, and seabed carbon-storage research.

Saudi Arabia Pavilion

An Inspiring Vision for A Shared Future

KSA’s pavilion invites visitors to experience Arabian hospitality and to explore the country’s rich heritage, diverse population, natural wonders, and many opportunities. The structure is based on reflection with a mirrored display that changes according to the light - a real wonder to see at night.

Japan Pavilion

Join. Sync. Act.

Get inspired to put the ‘Join.Sync.Act.’ message into action, and discover the vibrant art, culture and technology of the Far Eastern nation, which will host Expo 2025 in the city of Osaka.

Luxembourg Pavilion

Resourceful Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s pavilion is based on the twist design which has no beginning or end. It is eco-friendly and waste-free, showcasing an economic ideal inside. It will be showcasing finances as this nation is known as a global banking hub, though they are also leaders in sustainability and innovation. Learn about cultural diversity, space mining and satellites in the form of a ‘walking movie,’ which ends off in a 21-meter tall slide to an authentically-inspired forest space.

UK Pavilion

Innovating for a Shared Future

Visitors are invited to contribute to a linguistic experiment by donating words using smart devices to the pavilion. The structure showcases the country’s contributions to space science and AI. AI will then be used to process the entries and create poems for each visitor which are lit up in an LED facade, ultimately inspiring a collective message to Expo 2020 and the world beyond.

Ukraine Pavilion

Smart Ukraine: Connecting Dots

The Ukraine Pavilion is all about smart living, thinking, and feelings. They’ll be showcasing a number of inventions set to improve the lives of people and make the future better using energy, all against the backdrop of picturesque flora.