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Sustainability District

Azerbaijan Pavilion

Seeds for the Future

The nature-inspired pavilion, which has a leaf-shaped roof, will encourage visitors to consider the impact of their individual choices and invest in the future to restore balance to our natural world.

Architect: Simmetrico

Brazil Pavilion

Together for Diversity

Recreating the Amazon Basin, the pavilion will have a water feature that visitors can walk through (or around) as they take in the sights, sounds and scents of Brazil’s riverside areas.

Architect: JPG.ARQ, MMBB and Ben-Avid

Netherlands Pavilion

Uniting Water, Energy and Food

Brimming with sustainable solutions, the Netherlands Pavilion will harvest water, energy and food through innovations including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

Architect: V8 architects

Philippines Pavilion

Bangkóta: Philippine Coral Reef

The natural, organic shape of the coral reef, or Bangkóta, will draw visitors to the Philippine Pavilion into defined, free-flowing, open spaces, reflecting how Filipino culture embraces openness and meaningful encounters.

Architect: Budji + Royal Architecture + Design

Canada Pavilion

The Future in Mind

Admire the wooden structure surrounding the pavilion and a 360* immersive theater showcasing Canada’s story. This pavilion has stunning night-time views.

Architect: Moriyama & Teshima

Czech Republic Pavilion

Czech Spring

View new technology that promises to transform a desert into an oasis. The pavilion will also boast a large-scale installation that shows the nation’s long history of glassmaking.

Architect: Formosa AA

Singapore Pavilion

Nature. Nurture. Future.

Showcasing Singapore’s urban innovations, the net-zero energy pavilion designed by WOHA explores our journey towards livability and resilience.

Architect: WOHA

Spain Pavilion

People and Places

Exploring everything from historical innovation and adventure to biodiversity and organ transplants, the Spain Pavilion offers a diverse experience with a town square atmosphere.

Architect: Amann-Canovas-Maruri

Germany Pavilion

Campus Germany

Visitors can wear cutting-edge connected devices as they venture through themed areas featuring a wonderful array of creative environmental ideas with real-life results.

Architect: LAVA, facts and fiction

Montenegro Pavilion

Montenegro - Blessed by Nature

Immerse yourself in Montenegro’s rich cultural history, explore its sustainability-driven future and admire its wild beauty.

Architect: Matija Vukovic

Sweden Pavilion

Co-Creation for Innovation

Learn how Sweden is building smart cities, developing the next generation of travel, innovating life sciences and developing a bio-circular economy.

Architect: Alessandro Ripellino Arkitekter,
Studio Adrien Gardère, Luigi Pardo Architetti

Switzerland Pavilion

Belles Vues

Visitors can ‘hike’ through this Pavilion, which will show the country's cultural values and progressive ideas in a structure inspired by Bedouin tents. Experience a theatre emerging from a sea of fog, evoking the Swiss mountains.

Architect: OOS