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Sustainability District

The Expo 2020 Dubai’s Sustainability District showcases innovative ideas that aim to shape a more sustainable future. Various pavilions will debut future-centric sustainability concepts using some of the most advanced technology in the world.

For the first time ever in World Expo history, Rovers can peruse dedicated country pavilions with captivating exhibitions including 3D greenery experiences, illuminated digital forests, and more. Shop for souvenirs, discover delectable international cuisine, and enjoy live performances while learning about various cultures and exciting innovations.

Taking centre stage at the Sustainability District is Terra, the Sustainability Pavilion. At an incredible 6,300 sqm in size, Terra promotes immersive experiences, ecology, and sustainable technologies. The structure generates its own water and electricity through condensation in the air and the use of 1,050 solar panels.

Immersive educational experiences that Rovers can look forward to include strolling through the “Wood Wide Web” and observing how trees share resources and protect each other. Additionally, the infamous “Gnasher” demonstrates how natural resources are demolished for the production of consumer products. Rovers visiting Terra can also enjoy a whirlwind of additional experiences geared towards climate change and lack of biodiversity.

Explore the Sustainability District from the Rove Expo 2020 hotel on-site

Azerbaijan Pavilion

Seeds for the Future

The nature-inspired pavilion, which has a leaf-shaped roof, will encourage visitors to consider the impact of their individual choices and invest in the future to restore balance to our natural world.

Brazil Pavilion

Together for Sustainable Development

From flora and fauna to arts and culture, the Brazil Pavillion offers incredible diversity. Recreating the Amazon Basin, the pavilion will have a water feature that visitors can walk through (or around) as they take in the sights, sounds and scents of Brazil’s riverside areas.

Netherlands Pavilion

Uniting Water, Energy and Food

Brimming with sustainable solutions, the Netherlands Pavilion will harvest water, energy and food through innovations including a cone-shaped vertical farm.

Philippines Pavilion

Bangkóta: Philippine Coral Reef

The natural, organic shape of the coral reef, or Bangkóta, will draw visitors to the Philippine Pavilion into defined, free-flowing, open spaces, reflecting how Filipino culture embraces openness and meaningful encounters.

Canada Pavilion

The Future in Mind

Admire the wooden structure surrounding the pavilion and a 360-degree immersive theatre showcasing Canada’s story. Explore past, present and future, while discovering the values that drive innovation and collaboration. Don't miss the pavilion's has stunning night-time views.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Czech Spring

View new technology that promises to transform a desert into an oasis, using only solar energy and Czech innovations. The pavilion will also boast a large-scale installation that shows the nation’s long history of glassmaking.

Singapore Pavilion

Nature. Nurture. Future.

Showcasing Singapore’s urban innovations through a 3D greenery experience, the net-zero energy pavilion designed by WOHA is a rainforest powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem that explores our journey towards livability and resilience.

Spain Pavilion

Intelligence for Life

The Spain pavilion showcases creativity and unity in science, technology, education and art. Step into an immersive gallery relating to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development goals. The architectural design tempers temperatures, highlights Spain’s link to the Arab world, and features some of the gastronomy it is famous for.

Germany Pavilion

Campus Germany

'Enrol' at Campus Germany for an entertaining hands-on digital experience. Visitors can wear cutting-edge connected devices as they venture through themed areas featuring a wonderful array of creative environmental ideas with real-life results.

Montenegro Pavilion

Blessed By Nature

Immerse yourself in Montenegro’s rich cultural history, explore its sustainability-driven future and admire its wild beauty. Live the sights and sounds of the nation's natural resources and touristic attractions, while discovering the wide range of opportunities of a small country with a thriving vision for a sustainable future.

Sweden Pavilion

Co-Creation for Innovation

Learn how Sweden is building smart cities, developing the next generation of travel, innovating life sciences and developing a bio-circular economy. Explore through paths flanked by wooden trunks, while experiencing life in the forest - don't forget to enjoy a Swedish coffee break too!

Switzerland Pavilion

Take a Hike

‘Reflections’ is the theme of the Switzerland pavilion, presenting an interactive mirrored facade in a crystal cave. Inside, you can hike and travel on a magic carpet to see the natural wonders of the country. There are opportunities to tap into, plus chocolate specialities to enjoy on the rooftop.