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26 July 2022

Record Your Podcast in Dubai with Rove

Rove is home to hotels situated throughout Dubai and has amenities to suit all types of travellers, from the gym bunnies to the poolside loungers. Did you know? It’s also the perfect spot to record your podcast while you’re in the city! Here’s everything you need to know about the Rove Podcast Studio in Downtown Dubai.

Podcasting remains one of the most powerful mediums for connecting with audiences. There is something intimate about relying on the power of audio, along with the flexibility of tuning in on the move. No matter what your interests, there is a podcast out there for you – whether you enjoy listening to true crime, ASMR, or entrepreneurial tips. 

At Rove, we’re all about sharing the loveand words of wisdom! When you’re in Dubai, you can work or play without skipping a beat at Rove Hotels. We have co-working spaces set up so you can plug in with ease, plus a podcasting studio at our Rove Downtown location. This can help you level up your content creation by keeping your friends, family, and followers updated and tuned in to your voice transmitted in the highest possible quality.

Rove Hotels makes it easy for you to travel and continue to do what you love, without worrying about finding a studio rental or travelling with bags full of equipment. Recording with us means you’ll have Fender mics and a RODE soundboard ready and waiting. If you need to conduct some filming in action, there’s a green screen and camera tripod too.

Our co-working spaces are fully kitted and connected to high-speed Internet. You can graft with us here, host meetings in our dedicated meeting rooms, and network with other digital nomads from around the globe with whom you’ll be sharing the space. This also aligns with the many advantages of podcasting, from establishing your brand to expanding your reach. 

The Rove Podcast Studio is a welcoming space where storytelling unfolds. Not only is the studio mic’d up, but we also facilitate content creation with top-of-the-range equipment that can support additional mediums, like voiceovers for your vlogs. To get the creative juices flowing, you can start with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee, which we offer on tap to keep you going!

We know podcasting is often an interactive medium that features a couple of voices. That’s why our studio allows up to four people in the studio for each session. Whether they’re there to speak or not, you’re most welcome to bring along a visitor. We open from 8 am to 8 pm, so you can plan your schedule in Dubai without worrying about having limited time for recordings.

The Rove Podcast Studio Rates are in line with our hotel philosophy of providing affordable, comfortable, and convenient experiences for Rovers. Find them below:

  • AED 150 per hour
  • AED 400 for a half-day (6 hours)
  • AED 700 for a full day (6-12 hours)

Whether you’re a seasoned content producer or brand new to the podcasting world, there is nothing stopping you from sharing your message with the world. Everyone has a story to share … what’s yours?



Book your time with us at the Rove Podcast Studio by sending an email to, or calling us on +971 4561 9099.

We’d love to welcome you as a guest, whether you’re around for a day, a week or a month. Join us at any of the nine Rove Hotels situated throughout Dubai. Your time is now.